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What are the Best Airsoft BBs?

A high-quality BB (ball bearing) increases accuracy, improves performance, and does not jam your gun because it has been well crafted.
In fact, this spherical projectile, also called a pellet, will increase FPS because it has better flight characteristics.
In my opinion, a high-quality BB goes unnoticed because it works right.
How can you shop for the best BBs?




Elite Force AirSoft BIO BBs

MetalTac Airsoft BBs

Walther 5000 Count 6mm Airsoft BBs

Elite Force Precisions BBS

.20 Gram Alpha Tracer Glow In The Dark BB

Golden Ball Airsoft BB White 6mm ProSlick GB3020W

V-Tac BBs Valken Tactical

Crosman White Heavy BBs (.20 grams)

GoldenBall Competition Grade Series

BBTac 1000 Bag .12g 6mm BBs

How to Shop For the Best BBs

First of all, you need to know the type of BBs you want to buy. There are three types:

  • Standard BBs – They are mainly made out of plastic and are usually available in bright and dark colors. The bright colored ones make it easier to see where you are aiming; you can then make the necessary adjustments. However, they also make it easier for the opponent to trace you (the shooter). With the dark colored ones, it’s difficult to see where you are aiming, but the upside is that the opponent will also have difficulty tracking you (the shooter).
  • Biodegradable BBs – They are not harmful to the environment – or animals – because they are made using organic material. Since they are supposed to disappear over time, it only makes sense to use them outdoors. However, they may cost more than standard BBs. Personally, I love biodegradable BBs because I am a tree-hugger even though they shatter easily and may start to smell if you don’t store them in a bottle.
  • Tracer BBs – They glow in the dark and are great when you want to play in darkness – like at night. There are also biodegradable tracers.
  • Non-traceable BBs – Unlike regular BBS, non-traceable BBs are dark in color. This makes it difficult for the opponent to trace the shooter.
  • Metal BBs – They are heavier than plastic BBs and can cause bodily harm. In fact, they are not allowed in most matches because they can be dangerous.
  • Markers/Paintballs – They are coated with a bright powder. They leave a noticeable circle after they strike an opponent, but they cost slightly more than standard BBs.
  • Regardless of the type of BBs you want, buying the best BBs can be a tough choice because every brand promises quality. The reality is that even BBs of the same type are not made the same. If you want to shine in your next 6mm warfare session, you have to go out of your way and do some proper research.

    But I’ve got you covered.

    ​I made an individual effort to search for the best BBs because I am fed up with pellets that barely fly or keep jamming my gun. I have used these projectiles severally, and it’s never fun when they lock up your gun motor and render it inoperable.

    Based on the information I gathered from airsoft professionals, and the research I conducted on my own, I am convinced that these are the things you need to look out for when you go shopping:

    • Accuracy and Range – Keep in mind that your gun, your shooting skills, and the environment can all affect your accuracy. But your BBs can also alter your accuracy. Well-crafted BBs will help you achieve higher efficiency through the FPS of your gun, and the weight of the BBs will even come into play. One thing to note is that heavier BBs offer less range, but your BBs will be less affected by wind. Also, heavier BBs require a powerful gun. The best thing to do is to find BBs that are in ‘harmony’ with your gun power. By combining is the only way you will achieve optimum accuracy and range.
    • Weight – The weights range from 0.11g to 0.90 g even though the heavier pellets should never be used on human targets. The problem is that lighter BBs tend to be less accurate and are likely to damage your gun. On the other hand, heavier BBs won’t travel far unless you have a powerful weapon and your hop-up unit is well adjusted. Weight affects the energy, velocity, trajectory, durability, and how your projectile moves. In fact, it can significantly alter your performance. That is why you need BBs that can accommodate your gun’s power.
      Let’s look at the most common weights:
    • .12g – It is the most common and is mostly made for low-quality spring-powered guns. It will likely shatter when used in a powerful weapon and can ruin the internals of the gun.
    • .20g – Mostly works well and is affordable. It is an excellent choice for high-quality BB guns, and even though it is not perfect, it will not jam your airsoft electric gun (AEG). Used in spring, gas, and HPA airsoft guns. It has high demand because it is popular and it is best suited for indoor close quarter battles and mid-range combat.
    • .25g – It has better wind resistance than .20g. It is the heaviest pellet you can use on a low-powered gun, and it is preferred by serious players using AEGs. In fact, it is a staple for high powered AEGs and can also be used by spring and gas guns. It is the heaviest BB on high demand and should also be considered for the indoors.
    • .28 – Mostly used in spring powered snipers. It is designed for more powerful AEGs. Consider a .28 or more if you are outside because it can resist wind without losing accuracy.

Should you go for 0.12, 0.20g, 0.25g or 0.28g ammo?

  • If your gun’s feet per second (FPS) can reach 300FPS, then you can use 0.2g BBs. This weight is suitable for weapons that fire between 200-300FPS and is excellent for indoor close quarter fights. But if your gun exceeds 300FPS, then you have plenty of options starting from 0.2g. For example, if you are outdoors and your airsoft exceeds 400FPS then 0.23g to around 0.28g is an excellent choice – these are the best weights for midrange guns. For guns that fire up to 500FPS, you should consider 0.36+g BBs.

    The general rule is to find BBs that will accommodate your gun power.

    Price – Never compromise quality for the price. Go for BBs that are affordable yet versatile – those that can work on several guns. The best way to reduce cost – and significantly – is by buying BBs in bulk. You and your friends can cash pool to purchase thousands of BBs at once instead of buying them on your own.
    d)Versatility – Go for BBs that can work on several airsoft guns, especially if you have more than one gun.

    Quality/Craftsmanship – Look at the polishing; the consistency; and the roundness of your BBs. Pellets that aren’t entirely round will jam your gun. Always look out for deformities, cracks, imperfections, bubbles or dimples. A high-quality pellet has a balanced center of gravity and a smooth, shiny polish. Therefore, it can pass through the barrel with ease. A bag of ammo may contain a handful of deformed BBs, but the rest should be flawless.

    Manufacturer – the question that always comes up is:

    Do BB Brands matter?
    Yes, they do.
    In fact, one of the things you need to ask yourself when buying BBs is who made them. Trusted makers produce BBs that are solid and seamless. Their BBs are well polished and move with ease. These manufacturers can get the same weight and size consistently, and their BBs will enhance your gun’s lifespan. GoldenBall, Valken, and Elite Force are some of the trusted manufacturers.

    Durability – Weak BBs are likely to break inside your gun. In addition, these brittle projectiles are likely to shatter on impact and can cause injury to players. Always go for structurally sound pellets.

    Packaging – BBs that come in bottles are preferable to those that come in tubs or bags. Containers and plastic bags are flimsy and are likely to cause a spillage, which means your BBs will be dirtied. On the other hand, bottled BBs are easier to handle and can sometimes be poured into some magazines without dirtying them with greasy hands.
    Based on this information, I picked these ten BBs:

1. Elite Force AirSoft BIO BBs


  • Well-polished and smooth to touch
  • 5,000 rounds in a bottle
  • Best for guns shooting over 350 FPS
  • 6mm BB
  • Biodegradable

I used the .28g pellets on an ASG CZ Scorpion, and I noticed that the BBs were flying straight through the air. I also tried the .20g on my Tippmann M4 Commando, and they did not get stuck or ruin the gun. I was prepping for an airsoft league and I could easily hit man size targets that were 250 feet away

Since the BBs come in a bottle, one thing you have to remember is to close the bottle correctly to avoid any moisture from getting inside. I was told they break down after 180 days, which I think is impressive.

2. MetalTac Airsoft BBs


  • High quality and accurate
  • 3,000 rounds per bag
  • Perfectly polished and smooth to improve accuracy
  • Versatile
  • Perfect for expensive AEGs

I received three bags and fired about 7,000 shots on a TSD Sports M9 gas powered pistol. Surprisingly, there was no single jam. I also tried the .30g BBs on four different guns and the results were consistent: accurate and no jamming.  In fact, I could hit targets that were more than 200 feet away with much ease. I think this was because they gave me better accuracy due to their consistent weight.

They were nothing different to some of the most expensive brands I have used, yet they were more affordable. My only problem was the packaging. I love bottles, and I found the zipper bag hard to use.

3.Walther 5000 Count 6mm Airsoft BBs


  • 5000 rounds a bag
  • 6mm caliber
  • Great speed
  • Great for starter AEGs or spring operated pistol; not high-end guns
  • Lightweight and less expensive

I used the .20g on a Crosman Stinger P311, and the result was remarkable. There were no issues like deforming or jamming though I noticed they ricocheted once in a while. I think the price is one of the best for that amount of BBs, but you should not use them for long range because they may curve a little, especially when you go for smaller weights like .12g. Also, they are likely to shatter and ruin your barrel if you are using a high powered gun.

They are the best BBs if you are a beginner because you get solid BBs for a low price. But you have to avoid shooting them towards a wall at close range because they are going to break.

4.Elite Force Precision BBs


  • Reusable bottle
  • Come in .20 and .25 weights
  • Compact
  • High accuracy
  • High quality
  • Can come in 2700 or 5000 bottle

The first thing I fell in love with was the bottle packaging, which makes it easier to load them into a high capacity magazine. I hate zip lock bags because they can open without my knowledge and dump all my BBs. Once you seal the cap, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can then store your BBs or transport them with ease.

I used the .20g on my Elite Force 1911, and the shots were straight and accurate – thanks to this symmetrical and seamless BBs. Hard materials will likely break the BBs as I noticed, but for their price, they will serve their purpose.

5. .20 Gram Alpha Tracer Glow In The Dark BB 


  • They light up in the dark and can be seen from far away
  • Works great with regular airsoft guns or tracer silencers
  • Great quality
  • 5000 rounds a bag
  • .20gram

I used them on a Game Face AEG M4, and I could hit my target with ease. I fired my shots at night, and I could easily trace the path of my pellets as they moved towards the target. Their glowing quality made it easier for me to adjust my aim and improve on my shots. The only disadvantage is that if you want to use this in the night, then you will need a tracer unit to light the BBs. But you can also use them without a tracer if you want to be invisible.

Another concern is that they only come in .20g.

6. Golden Ball Airsoft BB White 6mm ProSlick GB3020W


  • Available in 4000 count resealable bag
  • Highly polished
  • Can be used on any electric, spring or gas airsoft gun
  • Seamless
  • Available in white color
  • Consistent weights
  • Great for any airsoft use
  • Solid core

I noticed they were smooth and fast and my weapon did not undergo any jams or failures. They were enough in the bag for my testing session and I noticed the diameter and shape were consistent.

As usual, I did try to hit them with a hard object just to test their structural soundness and I noticed that they go flat instead of shattering. This is a great feature that prevents them from ruining your gun in case they break.

Unfortunately, they are not biodegradable, and there is a pungent chemical smell when you open the bag. Regardless, they will still last you for an entire afternoon skirmish.

7. V-Tac BBs Valken Tactical


  • Highly polished
  • Easy to load
  • No signs of seam
  • Ball bearing design
  • Can be used in electric, spring, and gas powered airsoft guns

They come in a tinted bottle, and you have to be careful with the cap because it can come off without your knowledge. I fired about 500 round, and there was no shattering on the inside of my gun. Perfect!

I used them on a 450FPS sniper, and the pellets went straight to the target mainly because they are perfectly rounded and lightweight. I used them on another gun with a lower FPS, and I still got the same results. My conclusion is that they are versatile though I did experience some misfeeding issues.

You can choose the weight depending on several factors.

8. Crosman White Heavy BBs (.20 grams)


  • Come in 5,000 count bottle
  • 6mm diameter and 0.24 caliber
  • White in color
  • Plastic
  • 0.2grams
  • Completely seamless

I fired 2,000 BBs and did not experience a single problem.  However, my accuracy was a bit off sometimes because these pellets are not polished. I noticed a good number of them did not break after hitting the targets and I was tempted to re-use them, but I didn’t. I am a professional airsofter, and I know better.

These BBs are well manufactured for their price and are the best choice if you are on a budget and have a gun that is below 350FPS. They are a solid choice and should get the work done. If you are a beginner, you should consider them for a marathon target practice session. You will have enough ammo to run you through your entire practice session.

9. GoldenBall Competition Grade Series


  • Seamless design
  • High quality
  • Work well with tightbore barrels and other performance barrels
  • Available in a 4,000 round bag or 2-PACK
  • Spherical consistency and density
  • Will increase your FPS when used on the right gun

These BBs confirmed that Goldenball is serious about the airsoft business. This was evidenced by the quality and precision of these pellets, which are available in .20,.23,.25, and .30g. Obviously, go for heavier BB if you are using a sniper rifle.

They are versatile BBs that are seamless and will not jam your gun. I am saying this because I tried them on an AGM VSR-10 and an AK47 AEG. You may have to dig deeper in your pockets, but you’ll appreciate the service of these pellets. They also passed the hammer test.

Unfortunately, they are non-biodegradable, and I hate their packaging.  

10. BBTac 1000 Bag .12g 6mm BBs


  • Varying colors
  • .12g
  • Plastic
  • Shoot straight
  • 6mm
  • Affordable
  • Great for starter gun

They were available in multiple colors and worked well on a cheap airsoft gun. They must be the cheapest BBs around that surprisingly fired well, and you can see where you’ve hit. They have this ability to shoot faster and farther. I used them on a pistol, and I discovered they could fit well inside other guns.

They are the perfect choice for a beginner or anyone interested in practicing target shooting and does not want to waste pricey BBs. However, if you are pro, you may find them unreliable because they are made using cheap plastic.

One major problem is that they can easily jam a high-end AEG because they shatter easily. Avoid shooting at close range because they tend to bounce back. You will also notice that they sometimes veer left or right because they are hollow and get carried by the wind.

How to take care of your BBs

Your next concern should be how to take care of your BBs, especially when they are in bulk. BBs can be kept in clean airtight plastic bottles or tubs. First, wash them to remove any mold or residue then store them in your sealed plastic containers.

The washing process primarily involves dipping them in a pool of water and scrubbing their surface with a soft sponge or clothing. After washing, avoid touching them with your bare hands, and if you have to, make sure your hands are dry and clean.

Biodegradable BBs need to be stored in a cool and dry place.

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