We are Airsofting Life.

Here at Airsofting Life we like to keep things real simple. We love airsoft guns that have real juice that can heat things up. We are the test drive dummies in this market and we put guns and gear to the test and write about it here on Airsoftinglife.com for you to read and benefit from.

How we work.

1 Our approach is to find the best things that work for most people. We don't try to go too crazy about gadget with the most feature-packed, or the shiniest gear in airsoft goods. We choose items that fit best into the lives of everyday people who want to make airsofting a lifestyle

2 It takes our team weeks or sometimes even months of boots on the ground research and years of experience with a wide variety of airsofting gear. Beyond our own expertise, we include data from the best sources around.

3 The most critical thing to our team is the trust we developed with our audience. We also invite you to provide feedback on our work. We carefully outline the information, logic, and resources spent researching, checking with experts, and putting our hands on the gear.